Trying something new

Paper weaving of bright yellow, hot pink, teal, light green, magenta, navy blue, dark green, and soft pink

I challenged my self to create a collage with colors I wouldn’t typically use. I added to that that the finished product had to fill the whole page. To start, I cut 1/4″ pieces of brightly colored pieces of paper and wove them together. I liked it, but wanted to do more. It felt too static. I started playing with potential layouts digitally. I created a whole series – iterating on various concepts looking for one that felt balanced and engaging.

I didn’t love any of them. So I started experimenting with layouts directly on the page. I never really found a collage that I loved.

A digital layout of teal, yellow, and pink stripes with a graphic, abstract flower in coming to the center of the image from the lower right corner.

BUT. In this experimenting, I ended up with with this digital layout that I do love. The only issue was that it didn’t use the weaving.

I loved the organic, floral shape as the primary focus. It’s simple and just feels right to me.

So, in addition to continuing to experiment with the weaving, I also created a version of the simpler piece and have a whole collection of them planned (yay!).

An analog collage of an abstract teal flower on a red background

From that original experiment, I ended up somewhere totally unplanned. There are elements of the weaving that I will use in future collages – the delicate nature of the pieces, some of the colors. Plus I created the simple floral collage. On the surface, it doesn’t look very connected to challenge or the weaving. I love that they’re directly related, though.

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