Photo by Alexis Maurine Photography

Hello, Friend! Thanks for visiting me here. My name is Cassidy Fogg Leighton and I am a Philadelphia-based artist. Keep scrolling for my Artist Statement. Before you do though, here are three fun facts about me: I’m from Maine, I collect colanders, and my dream pet is a cow.

Artist Statement

Textiles, text, and art have helped people form connections and keep memories for centuries. Bound up in these things are, stories, labor, love, ideas, and emotion. My work brings fabric and ephemera together to form pieces that emphasize history, connection, & thoughtfulness.

In that spirit, my work uses reclaimed materials. Manufacturing of goods often relies on exploitative labor practices. In an effort to minimize my support for this system as well as my work’s impact on the earth, all of the fabric, paint, ephemera, and fibers in my work have been reclaimed, bringing with them history, memories, & stories. In my work, I’ve used:

  • Pages from a well-loved cookbook that I rescued from the trash
  • Calendar pages with the routine and special recorded
  • Fabric that I bought from a woman whose childhood dresses were made from it

Work from discarded pieces highlights new connections, pulls together historic threads, and proposes that we can reimagine what is around us.